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Face exit to retreat tax rate to reduce pressure, the business finds new outlet
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"Rose on January 1 next year, our country exit retreats tax rate to will reduce 3 % on average to control, affecting affirmation is very big, now is the fastigium that receives order form originally, and we now is dare not receive order form ah " . A few days ago, province silk company the face takes deputy total Xu Jiahui scowl, tell a reporter a little helplessly.

Xu Zong thinks, exit drawback rate reduces the biggest impact to still be absent of drop reduce, however about in the center of partake jointly with the place exit drawback problem. The drawback of the 75 % that assumes in the center of can assure, but the drawback of the 25 % outside the base that the place assumes remains an unknown number, can await only so. The countrywide each district such as Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangsu is in 75 % respect is same parallel, but because income of each district finance is different, bring about possibly in other 25 % respect is skimble-scamble. Allegedly Shanghai already had a view at present, no matter be the product that buys in where, every is exported from Shanghai, export drawback to be able to cash in this locality. For fragile to finance income Sichuan, if want to retreat, certainly will is caused owe tax newly, so right company circulating fund also is met influential. Countrywide similar company, it is better to should fasten an area to speak drawback problem solve and we cannot very good when solving, was equivalent to raising cost, the sentence that same product others can sell a foreign trader with 5 yuan and oneself sell is possible lose money in business, can await new policy only so more Anacreontic change.

On the other hand, saving the product that silk company exports to have an in part is produce in Sichuan, and the working procedure of other in part is finish outside the province, silk is the silk of Sichuan, and silks and satins may be in Jiangsu, Zhejiang production is finished. All segment that because value added tax is perforative,produce in the product, and each exit product is in a place impossibly to finish again, this means Sichuan all and total value added tax that place of product of impossible collection exit contains, the value added tax of product of a lot of upper reaches was given nonlocal government, and collection the local government of value added tax of segment of upriver product production need not partake however the responsibility that speaks drawback. Should retreat 25 % in Sichuan so how should retreat again, also be a difficult problem. And the place assumes 25 % to also had been not made clear is the problem that retreat or partakes jointly by city county is united on the province. Do a hypothesis, exit 1 dollar removes 8 hair, so the 25 % that the place assumes removes 2 hair namely, export 200 million dollar suppose, have an in part namely product of 100 million dollar is the value added tax that saving diplomacy, so the place is about to help upriver product be in governmental drawback 20 million, this 20 million how should fulfil again visible, real operation is a more complex issue.
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