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Cancelling cashmere wool to export drawback will be major interest good
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The leads about adjusting export goods drawback announcement that total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state issued recently asks, rose on January 1 from next year, cancel cashmere wool the exit drawback policy of 13 % . Industry public figure thinks generally, cancel the product of drawback as only of spin dress domain, the major interest good news that this one new policy is development of estate of our country cashmere.

Profit is good one: Be helpful for raising our country cashmere wool to export unit price. As the world the biggest cashmere produces country and exit country, our country has the whole world the cashmere wool of 75 % (the cloth with soft nap that do not have wool) crop and the high grade cashmere wool of 95 % (fineness in 15. In 5 micron) crop, and the cashmere wool of 80 % above speaks a volume absolutely. E Er Duosiji Zhang Quanxiang of general manager of company of round raw material thinks, such resource monopoly position, did not make we gain corresponding price advantage. Long-term since, export price of our country cashmere is united hard from beginning to end external, actual sale price operates in outer business hand. Most cashmere exports a company for respective interest, sale price when trading external the cashmere wool of 13 % exports drawback from change the eliminate in collecting cost, enterprise of mouth of rough estimate cipher out has 30 million dollar every year to be decreased from inside price about allowed a foreign trader. In this kind of foreign trade " Zhang of seize back confiscated property " the health that the phenomenon affected trade of spin of our country cashmere greatly develops. And after cancelling to export drawback, want to hold current gain, cashmere exports unit price to want to raise 13 % at least, sale price will raise 79 dollar by every kilograms of about 70 dollar, the foreign trader also thinks this is a logical move.

Profit is good 2: Be helpful for keep within limits capital of drawback of country of illegal business diddle makes false gain appearance. In recent years, a few cashmere export an enterprise to use exit drawback policy, sell profit with the drawback capital instead of 13 % , the low when trading is exported to sell in cashmere, set take national drawback fund, bring about domestic cashmere to produce treatment company eagerly demand a low price, cashmere exports the market to be immersed in confused situation for a time. With our country raw material of the biggest cashmere wool machines distribution centre -- , county of Heibei province clear river is exemple, this county produces per year cent to comb cashmere wool is controlled 4500 tons, occupy the 60 % above of countrywide crop, the country wants drawback every year nearly 80 million yuan of RMBs. President of group of cashmere of Heibei eaves couplet makes long friend think, the country adjusts drawback policy this, can not have the confused situation that foreword exports from cashmere wool of the punish on fountainhead, will make these illegal businesses do not have an opportunity given by.
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