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Policy of new export drawback 5 big characteristics
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Since our country begins to implement exit drawback policy from 1985, be in early or late 1994, mixed 1999 adjust exit drawback policy 3 times this year. The basis is newest this year in October come on stage " the announcement that total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state exports goods drawback to lead about adjusting " regulation, adjust with before two quite, press active export structure, the average level that exports drawback rate this reduced 3 percent to control. Grind read new exit drawback regulation, have 5 big bright characteristics.

The first, the strength that lends the market breeds the international competition ability of advantage industry. The Communist Party of China 16 3 in plenary meeting general " system of perfect socialist market economy " label a theme. New exit drawback policy can say to perfect the due meaning in the theme of system of socialist market economy just about. Our country already became one of world trade big states, in dress of spin of certain industry such as, electric home appliances

The 2nd, borrow international regulation to enlarge the support that exports to produce. Exporting drawback is the current practice on international, no matter be developed country or developing country,support be not decline to shoulder a responsibility to the policy of produce especially. Among them a main reason is the frame that at present all sorts of policy support of produce have not bring into WTO in. New exit drawback policy has to produce exit care add, " announcement " set " rate of active exit drawback is 5 % and the produce of 13 % " and " the processes production for raw material with produce industrial product that rate of active exit drawback is 13 % " maintain original drawback to lead. Besides, still raised drawback to lead to the processes a trade product of partial produce. Wheat flour, corn flour, break up the duck, exit that breaks up the goods such as hare to withdraw tax rate, increase 13 % by 5 % .

The 3rd, borrow local advantage to adjust the interest between area to allocate. Occupy the data that provides via trade department outside the beginning of the year today to show, 2002 our country foreign trade 10 strong provinces (city) it is Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Tianjin, Liaoning and Heibei respectively. Among them, amount of Guangdong imports and exports is as high as 221.1 billion dollar, occupy last year the 35 % of amount of imports and exports of our country foreign trade. The 92 % of the proportion of amount of countrywide imports and exports is had for place of city of 10 strong provinces. Without doubt these majority that save city to own countrywide drawback total, in other words, strong province obtained more policy to support through drawback channel from inside the finance central. Under photograph comparing, central finance is in drawback capital respect criterion force of times press press, forehead of drawback of countrywide Shang Qian exit will be achieved to the end of the year of 300 billion gigantic. With the place joint responsibility exports drawback in the center of new policy regulation, to exceeding base share should retreat the amount of tax to be paid, by in the center of press 75:2 with the placeThe scale of 5 is collective burden. This regulation it may be said is one arrow much carve, one of, central finance pressure is reduced; Secondly, the province city with much exit is in super- burden part retreats the amount of tax to be paid over base and won't affect its finance ability; Thirdly, the interest between different area can be balanced to allocate on certain level.
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