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The exit of partial product goods retreats tax rate to be increased somewhat
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Recently, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state is saved to each (area, city) with the plan only kind city concerns a branch to give out " the announcement that exports goods drawback rate about adjusting " , the drawback after reporting value added tax of pair of active export goods to retreat tax rate to undertake structural sex is adjusted in detail is led. Partial goods maintains active exit to withdraw tax rate changeless, the exit of partial product goods retreats tax rate to be increased somewhat, the active tax rate of 6 kinds of big products will be reduced generally, partial product enjoys exit drawback policy no longer. The exit after adjusting retreats tax rate to be 5 archives of 17 % , 13 % , 11 % , 8 % , 5 % , execute since January 1, 2004.   

Among them the edible pink such as wheaten, corn, rice kind, bright, refrigerant divide into equal parts of meat of duck piece, goose piece, rabbit cuts the flesh kind the exit that waits for goods withdraws tax rate, increase 13 % by 5 % .

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