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Tax director divides the country drawback of separate out mouth [Xiamen]
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Director of play of Zhang Yi of bureau of tax of Xiamen city state thinks:
■ reform of exit drawback mechanism develops to Xiamen extroversion economy is a challenge, it is good luck more!
■ development Xiamen export trade, should mature the harmony that supports force and special zone economy to financial of the adjustment of new mechanism, Xiamen develops

The State Council will be released on October 13 " about reforming the decision of mechanism of active exit drawback " , total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state was released jointly " the announcement that exports goods drawback rate about adjusting " , exit drawback new mechanism causes wide attention instantly. It already was not simple " duty " the word can pull draw together, it still involves a lot of issue such as economy of cost, price, finance, foreign trade, region.

Come nearly 5 years Xiamen gross domestic product is average and annual grow 14 % , exit pulls the contributive rate that uses economic growth to be as high as 10 % above. Spend very tall Xiamen to exporting depend on sb or sth for existence, how to understand new exit drawback mechanism, how to dissolve contradiction, coruscate vigor, it is a very main economy task. For this, we interviewed achieve of Zhang Yi of director of bureau of tax of Xiamen city state, ask him to talk to reform relevant topic with exit drawback mechanism.

"Exit owes drawback " will become the past event

● setting: To countrywide accumulative total should retreat end to did not retreat the amount of tax to be paid to be as high as 247.7 billion yuan 2002, become central finance brushstroke tremendous recessive and indebted, to economic society development brings certain negative effect.

Talk about exit drawback, do not circle exit to owe drawback this sensitive topic. Zhang Yi achieve tells us hopefully, we are talking about exit to owe drawback today, and pass again one, two years, probably " exit owes drawback " the eye shot that the problem already faded out of us. "New Zhang is not owed, old debts should return " : The determination that expressed to solve exit to owe drawback problem thoroughly already was made clear in the center of.

Zhang Yi achieve tells us, exit owes drawback to perplexing Xiamen to export a company likewise. Current, xiamen exports an enterprise to have many 2100, although Xiamen does his utmost to in the center of strive for drawback index, came to parted 2002 2000 drawback 1.9 billion yuan, 27. 500 million yuan, 30. 6.7 billion yuan, drawback index increases by degrees year after year, but exit owes drawback problem to still exist objectively. If Xiamen already was striven for this year,export drawback index 47. 3.3 billion yuan, but should retreat the amount of tax to be paid to still owe 2.2 billion yuan up to now 2002, this year 1, outside already will cashing except drawback of 50 million yuan of produce in September, the others does without index retreat. This exports an enterprise to have certain negative effect to foreign trade, if Xiamen is built,send came 2002 2003 first half of the year, exit owes drawback several yuan.
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