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About " exit drawback is new politics " the basic judgement that sufferring an e
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October the middle ten days of a month, the State Council made about reforming the decision of mechanism of active exit drawback. This drawback reforms exit of pair of our country mechanical and electrical products to will produce very big effect. As a result of a few measure of main form a complete set has not come on stage, and the relevant export data of annual still is waited for this year arrange, the quantitative analysis that affects rate to exit of next year mechanical and electrical products still undertakes hard at present. The development trend that the article basically is the character that exports according to our country mechanical and electrical products, domestic and international economic situation and market and the main concern of its and exit drawback, on the foundation that listening to the business sentiment of the part that visit an area such as Guangxi, Henan, Fujian on the spot, make a few qualitative analysises, reach a few basic judgement; On this foundation, how hasten benefit avoids kill, exit of stimulative mechanical and electrical products continues to maintain healthy and rapid development, when to also put forward to suggest, offer orgnaization of relevant government sector, intermediary and enterprise reference.

One, the file that has announced only, unscramble this drawback policy to adjust the benefit that exports to Electromechanical and fraud from macroscopical angle

(one) advantageous respect

1, " drawback money is owed to be in charge of repaying by the finance central on the history " , let of all kinds Electromechanical exported an enterprise to eat sth capable of comforting sb.

2, " reduce exit to withdraw tax rate appropriately " , but mechanical and electrical products drops on average what export drawback rate scope is the least, will make the exit competition ability of our country major mechanical and electrical products still maintains stronger level, the produce that the country gives aid to and encourages export especially, shipping, car, medical apparatus and instruments, share is special the industry such as equipment, communication equipment will be led as a result of drawback do not decrease reach drawback speed to accelerate and will be benefited the biggest. The part that even if drops, because reduce the certainly will after drawback is led to raise sale price, also will be opposite because of this country such as abate European Union my trade barrier and turn over a dumping.

3, " ensure to happen to owe drawback newly no longer after reform " , mean future to export drawback plan to will be accelerated greatly, the enterprise enjoys privilege of exit drawback policy also more will honest.

4, " distinguish different product to adjust drawback to lead " , from long-term in light of, will export product structure to driving an enterprise to optimize Electromechanical, raise exit benefit to having positive effect.

(2) adverse respect

1, the exit drawback rate of major mechanical and electrical products should fall likewise 13% , export what improve these products directly cost, affect its to export competition ability. According to the enterprise calculate, exit drawback rate falls ascendant extent of extent and exit cost is roughly equal, export what the rise of cost causes the price necessarily to rise, because our country exports structure of mechanical and electrical products with in cheap give priority to, the price is the mainest competition way, because this reduces exit to retreat tax rate to affect certain level the competition ability that this part product exports, among them the computer and peripheral, electron yuan the company with big proportion of the export in the industry such as parts of an apparatus, electric home appliances
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