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The country will publish Heibei of exit drawback new policy to export an enterpr
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The country publishs Heibei of exit drawback new policy to export an enterprise to face stern test

A few days ago, the country was made those who reform mechanism of active exit drawback is decision-making, I save concerned branch to clutching the specific reform program that publishs to be saved in the light of me and measure of relevant form a complete set.

After exit drawback mechanism is reformed, be helpful for solving me to save the exit that accumulates for a long time to owe tax issue, be helpful for making sure I save exit drawback capital to reach the designated position in time, what also be helpful for promoting me to save exporter to taste a structure is farther optimize, long-term look, will promote me to save foreign trade development, economy
The structure is optimized and economic quality rises. But from the point of the near future, the export business development that this reform saves to me also brings a few concussion.

According to introducing, by this year 1 to I will save analysis of case of exit product construction August, after exit drawback is adjusted, I save exit drawback to lead average level to be about 12. 05 % , drop extent under the whole nation 2. Of 95 percent fall on average. Although fall lower than the whole nation, but what because exporter tastes the respect such as structure, management main body,I save is unreasonable, the negative effect that suffers nots allow to ignore.

Above all, this reform saves exit of foreign trade product to will produce structural sex effect to me. I am saved the product waits to export a respect to have definite advantage in bag of dress, cotton goods, leather, shoe, pottery and porcelain, box, cashmere wool, and the amplitude modulation below the exit drawback rate of these this products is bigger or cancel, can save relevant enterprise, industry to produce a few effects to me. Especially exit of dress, textile will suffer inflict heavy losses on, after rate of next year drawback is reduced, raise exert mouth cost nearly 400 million yuan.

Next, after exit drawback mechanism is reformed, ground of commodity pay taxes and drawback land are bought outside abhorrent, set out from this locality interest, local government may be restricted cross an area to buy product export from the other place, affect me to save the production that exports a product by provincial town formerly thereby. Same, I save the company of export supply of goods that purchases from the other place to abandon the exit of this part product possibly also.

Look from finance angle, reform of exit drawback mechanism also will become a when affect me to save finance income and expenses to balance outstanding issue inside the near future.

This reform impact is the biggest is area of the eastpart part, center-west region is opposite for suffer an effect less. But I save export trade forehead to discharge the 10th in the whole nation, and the first place is discharged in center-west region, foreign trade is belonged to to export big province in center-west region, because this suffers,affect bigger. If press exit to grow 20 % to calculate, drawback of exit of my province foreign trade was controlled 5.7 billion yuan 2004, super- base part will save a burden 2.3 billion yuan by me 25 % , namely 5. 7.5 billion yuan, deduct avoid touch did not move financial capacity of library allowance place 3. 9.1 billion yuan, my province will still add pay gap newly 2004 1. 8.4 billion yuan (among them provincial 0. 7.4 billion yuan) , this will increase the financial that visit town to balance difficulty undoubtedly, if next year I save exit amplitude to exceed 20 % , add pay gap newly to still will be increased accordingly.
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