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37 files make the individual manages foreign trade to encounter duty politics do
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Harbin feather Zhang Guihai of general manager of abundant trade limited company is fond of already recently care. Happy event is retail trade tycoon Woerma prepares to purchase a batch of articles for daily use in his company, "The sample of the product was passed now. " but he is pained is, his company is by classify miniature taxpayer, gain exit drawback competence very hard. "If utter the word that drawback does not define one piece this, very big to our blow, a lot of order dare be not received. " Zhang Guihai says.

Everything results from total bureau of national tax Wu to allotted on July 1, 2004 " the urgent announcement that total bureau of national tax Wu does trade business value added tax newly to collect management to concern an issue about strengthening " (duty invents the country 2004  of electric  37, the following abbreviation " urgent announcement " ) . According to the country tax total bureau " urgent announcement " , do trade business newly to want to obtain average taxpayer qualification to be able to have two idea: It is real sale achieves 1.8 million yuan inside a year, fang Keshen asks average taxpayer qualification to maintain; 2 be the following requirement accords with when establish: Set fixed management place handles trade newly with what have goods in kind retail business and register capital to be in in 5 million yuan of above, personnel of 50 people above do newly large and medium-sized trade business.

If cannot gain average taxpayer competence, zhang Guihai cannot enjoy the privilege that exports drawback policy. New on July 1 this year " foreign trade law " after be being carried out formally, the miniature taxpayer that does foreign trade business like Zhang Guihai once was filled with exultation, but " urgent announcement " irrigated cold water of one gourd ladle to their directly undoubtedly. Although be in,this is meant new " foreign trade law " after carrying out, zhang Guihai is returned so that adopt deal of company of foreign trade representative like before, and cannot true oneself achieve foreign trade right of administration.

Exorbitant doorsill

Having similar lot be not Zhang Guihai one person. This year on July 16, wu Yiyang of beautiful water person follows Zhejiang person partnership is contributive 300 thousand yuan registered the name is " great crane firm of import and export " business of privately owned partnership. But when exit drawback should be dealt with to register card after Wu Yiyang deals with custom to put on record, he is informed, according to the country the new policy of tax total bureau, "Must want to gain average taxpayer competence first " , however, this problem was become however " the turn that does not circle the past " .

Why cannot small-sized trade business achieve 1.8 million reseizure through sale is average taxpayer qualification maintained? Have calculate make clear, if take this kind of way, because do not enjoy exit drawback, the enterprise should drop 300 thousand yuan fortunately first almost. And to " register capital to be in in 5 million yuan of above, personnel 50 people above " asked at 2 o'clock, small-sized trade business is achieved hard commonly.
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