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Turn over dumping industry to damage investigation regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first turns over dumping industry to damage investigation for the standard, basis " People's Republic of China turns over dumping byelaw " (the following abbreviation turns over dumping byelaw) , make this provision.

The 2nd turns over dumping industry to damage investigation according to what turn over dumping byelaw to undertake relevant activity, applicable this regulation.

Department of Commerce of the 3rd People's Republic of China (Department of Commerce of the following abbreviation) the investigation that is in charge of turning over dumping industry to damage. Involve produce turn over dumping industry to damage investigation, undertake jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture by Department of Commerce.

The cognizance that the 2nd chapter damages

The 4th is damaged, it is to show the dumping is caused to the domestic industry that has built essence is damaged or generation essence damages menace, perhaps create substantial obstacle to building domestic industry.

Essence is damaged is to point to what had caused to domestic industry, cannot the harm of oversight.

Essence damages menace is to show to home the industry has not cause essence to damage, but if do not adopt measure to will bring about domestic industry essence to damage,evidence shows those who happen is apparent can foreknow and impendent case.

Substantial block up is to home the industry was not caused essence is damaged or essence damages menace, but serious obstacle of domestic industry build.

When the 5th harm that causes to domestic industry in affirmatory dumping, ought to investigate the following matter:

(one) the amount of dumping entrance product and dumping entrance product are congener to home the influence of product value;

(2) the influence of dumping entrance product to domestic industry.

The 6th imports the checkup of product measure to the dumping, whether does the absolutely measure that should include a dumping to import a product increase in great quantities, or congener to home product is produced or consume an amount to whether increase in great quantities;

Examine a dumping to import a product the influence of value of congener to home product, photograph of value of congener product of examine of take an examination and country is compared, the dumping imports a product whether considerably sale of lower the price, or the dumping imports a product whether considerably value of depress country congener product, or the price that controls domestic congener product to should happen originally greatly rises.

The 7th examines a dumping to import the product influence to domestic industry, the assessment of the factor of all concerned economy that should include states of pair of influence country industry and index, actual or those who include state of share of sale, profit, crop, market, productivity, yield or utilization rate of equipment and installations to exist is potential drop; Affect the factor of domestic price; The size of dumping profit margin; The growth of cash shedding, inventory, obtain employment, salary, industry, actual or potential negative effect that raise fund or invests ability to get.
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