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Safeguard measure industry damages investigation regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

For normative safeguard measure industry damages investigation the first, basis " orders of measure of safeguard of People's Republic of China " (the following abbreviation ensures measure orders) , make this provision.

The safeguard measure industry that orders of measure of safeguard of the 2nd basis has damages investigation relevant activity, applicable this regulation.

Department of Commerce of the 3rd People's Republic of China (Department of Commerce of the following abbreviation) the investigation that industry of responsible safeguard measure damages. The safeguard measure industry that involves produce damages investigation, undertake jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture by Department of Commerce.
The cognizance that the 2nd chapter damages

The 4th is damaged, it is to because import product measure to increase,point to, the domestic industry of product of direct perhaps competition causes congener to production product to be damaged badly damage menace badly perhaps.

Be being damaged badly is domestic industry get comprehensive with great derogation.

Damaging menace badly is apparent damage badly impendently, if be not adopted,measure will bring about what damage badly to happen.

When be damaged badly what in affirmatory entrance product measure increases the 5th to be caused to domestic industry or damaging menace badly, ought to consider the following factor:

(one) entrance product rises a situation, those who include to import a product is absolutely measure with opposite increase rate and growth;

(2) the share that addition entrance product holds in home market;

(3) the entrance product influence to domestic industry, include to be in to domestic industry the influence of the respect such as share of level of crop, sale, market, productivity, utilization rate of equipment and installations, profit and deficit, obtain employment;

(4) the other factor that causes domestic industry to damage.

To damaging menace badly to be decided really, ought to basis fact, examine be mixed to be opposite by capacity of circumstance of the productivity of country of investigation product exit, inventory, export the element such as the possibility that Chinese exit continues to increase, and must not only the possibility with basis accusation, dinky perhaps speculation.

When the 6th Department of Commerce is importing the influence that increases pair of country industries certainly, ought to according to really evidence, evaluate all sorts of can quantify index of situation of influence country industry objectively, integratedly, and must not give a ruling according to specific target only.

The 7th congener product, it is to point to with be investigated to import the product with same product; Do not have same product, it is congener product with the as most similar as the character that is investigated to import a product product.
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