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Definition of American foreign trade wrote reserved copy 1941
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Definition of American foreign trade wrote reserved copy 1941


(promulgate date: Carried out date on July 30, 1941: 1941 years on July 30 sex of effectiveness for a given period of time: All right?
The associated committee that association of importer of American chamber of commerce, United States reached place of association of countrywide foreign trade to comprise on July 30, 1941 is passed.
1919 " American foreign trade is defined " publication Ceng Zaicheng Qing Dynasty and simplify foreign trade fact crosses many action since Wu respect, admit extensively what get buyers and sellers of world each country and use. But after be being published from this definition, commerce habit already had a lot of change, strong demand is made to it on the meeting of foreign trade of the 27th whole nation that held 1939 consequently edit further with clear, think business of processing of business of foreign trade of this pair of helps is necessary.
At present is recommended " definition of American foreign trade wrote reserved copy 1941 " use jointly for entrance and exporter person. This writes reserved copy and do not have legal effectiveness, unless have special legislation,set or be approbated for forensic court decision. Accordingly, produce jural sanction to make its concern party to each, proposal buyer and bargainor accept this definition to regard buying and selling as a component of the contract.

In view of commerce is used to since 1919 and of formalities evolve, a few new duty of bargainor and buyer included this in amendatory definition, and be in make many sided, the explanation that also defines than 1919 to the explanation of original responsibility is a few clearer, these modification is beneficial to bargainor and buyer. Accept this castigatory definition extensively, the standardization that brings about foreign trade formalities, avoid a lot of misunderstanding.
Bargainor and buyer use this amendatory definition, will make each are opposite about party its responsibility and right are more clear.

Note a point
1 . Because world each district had a lot of orgnaizations to put forward foreign trade to define respectively, and the court of a lot of countries defines each to have different explanation to these, agree with the contract that they conclude consistently by bargainor and buyer so with " definition of American foreign trade wrote reserved copy 1941 " to allow, accept " definition " what list each a little bit, this is very be necessary.

2. Outside the term that removes following foreign trade, return the term that a few is use sometimes, if haven delivers the goods (r of o of b of r of a of H of e of F r e ) , cost imposes insurance premium, freight, middleman's fee (C. I. F. & C) , cost increases insurance premium, freight, interest (C. I. F. & I. ) , cost increases insurance premium, freight, commission, interest ((C. I. F. C. & I. ) , cost adds insurance premium, freight and discharge arrives on the bank (C. I. F. d of e of d of L a n ) , with etc. Unless understand their exact implication well and truly beforehand, these term are unfavorable use. Want to use this " definition " it is unwise that the explanation that lists term goes elaborating other technical terms, accordingly, as long as likely, answer the term that cite had laid to define here.
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