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German bill standard
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German bill standard


[the problem is noted] (on June 21, 1933)
[Zhang Ming] this law abstract

Bill of exchange of the first stamp (reach the 74th the first times)

Of the first bill of exchange open and form (reach the 10th the first times)

The 2nd endorses (eleventh reach the 20th)

The 3rd accept (reach the 29th the 21st times)

Of the 4th bill of exchange assure (thirtieth to thirtieth 2)

The 5th expires (thirtieth comes 3 times thirtieth 7)

The 6th pays (thirtieth reachs the 42nd 8 times)

The 7th rejects accept and the recourse that reject to pay (the 43rd comes fiftieth 4)

The 8th attends assure (fiftieth 5 reach the 63rd)

One, general provision (fiftieth 5)

2, attend accept (fiftieth 6 come fiftieth 8) 3, attend pay (fiftieth 9 reach the 63rd)

The 9th one style is much this bill of exchange; The carbon of bill of exchange (reach the 68th the 64th times)

One, one style is much this bill of exchange (reach the 66th the 64th times)

2, carbon (the 67th, the 68th)

The 10th is changed (the 69th)

Eleventh part effectiveness for a given period of time (the 70th, the 71st)

Dozenth section sets commonly (the 72nd reachs the 74th)

Cashier's cheque of the 2nd chapter (reach the 78th the 75th times)

Complement of the 3rd chapter sets (the 79th reachs the 90th)

The first refuses letter (the 79th reachs 87)

The 2nd Jiebudangde benefit (the 89th)

The 3rd forfeiture bill and refuse letter (the 90th)

Keep under control of the 4th art of composition is effective limits (reach the 98th the 91st times)

[Zhang Ming] bill of exchange of the first stamp

Of the first bill of exchange open and form

The first (content)

Bill of exchange includes following content:

(1 ) bill article sentence in should indicate the model of written characters of bill of exchange, use with open the written language with same money order;

(2) termless the regulation that pays certain amount;

(3) the full name of drawee;

(4) maturity;

(5) pay the ground;

(6) the full name of person getting a money or its assigner;

(7) day giving a bill and place;

(8) remitter autograph.

The 2nd (content is defective)

One, before be deficient in in the bill of an any content of the regulation, all be not regarded as bill of exchange, but undermentioned each enumerated circumstance except.

2, did not carry bright the bill of exchange that the bill of exchange of maturity regards payable at sight as. 3, did not carry bright specific pay the ground, the place that is written beside drawee full name is regarded as since to pay the abode ground that the ground is drawee.

4, the money order that did not hold ground of bright make out an invoice, be regarded as to be in write at the place by remitter full name to open.
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