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British trademark law
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British trademark law


(on April 13, 1938)
The first chapter is registered, clause of tort etc materiality

The first registers book

Brand of the first 〔 registers book 〕

(one) after this law applies, patent Office should continue to call brand to register the record of book surely, registration book brand reachs the name of its everybody, address and situation, make over and jib announcement, each register the name of use person, address and case, the abstain from voting of registered trade mark, use condition and limitation concern item of registered trade mark with etc.

(2) register book to continue to divide it is two, call A ministry and B department.

(3) the time that registers book to should be in all convenience by the regulation is open, consult for the public.

(4) register book to reach control of director of brand total bureau by patent, design, this way says total bureau director registers director " for " .

The 2nd registers effectiveness and tort lawsuit

The 2nd 〔 not registered trade mark does not produce tort lawsuit 〕

Anybody has no right to be not the tort to lodge a complaint of registered trade mark, the requirement checks tort or compensatory loss. But any regulations must not affect this way one is right the right of the behavior to lodge a complaint of sham other commodity or seek redress.

Brand of the 3rd 〔 is registered is about appointing commodity register 〕

Brand is registered must be about registered commodity or a few kinds of commodity register. If commodity classify produces a problem, by register a director to make a decision, its decide be end sex.

The right that ministry of A of the 4th 〔 registers reachs tort 〕

(one) according to this with Benfadi 7 pass an imperial examination set 8 times, someone is in register book A ministry (it is no matter before this law go into effect or later) the brand that is some commodity (proof brand except) everybody, if register become effective, award namely or regard as had awarded use this brand special power at concerning commodity. Read aloud according to this entirely, following case should belong to the encroachment of special to brand right, outside remove trademark holder namely or registering use person, anybody uses as identical as this brand or approximate symbol, as a result is in trade process, can register to this brand concerned commodity causes deceit or promiscuous, and its use means to be able to make the person thinks: (1 ) use as brand; Or

(2) should use go up in commodity or go up with commodity contact objective, or go up with the handbill that sending out publicly or advertisement, can make the person thinks this person has trademark holder or the right that register use person to use label in trade process, or think this person and register commodity to have connection.
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