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The custom convention that by customs declaration of A of · of A · T about goo
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The custom convention that by customs declaration of A of · of A · T about goods card book imports temporarily
Convention of A of · of A · T


Signed Yubulusaier on December 6, 1961
This convention concludes a treaty each country, in Customs Co-operation Council and custom duty commerce total deal concludes a treaty each just are chaired fall and classics and U.N. Educational arrange to sit a meeting. Notice etc of international trade bound concerns all circles delegate to carry out goods for advantage place of system of temporarily duty-free import raises a proposal, believe to temporarily duty-free import content executes joint system to be able to give international trade and culture activity to bring great profit surely, can make conclude a treaty coordinate and agree what each honest custom system gains height. The agreement is as follows:

Definition of the first chapter and approbate
The first is in this convention:
Armour, " imports one word of each duty " to show goods is when the entrance or the custom duty because of concerning be recruited with the entrance is mixed other each duty, include all domestic tax to import be recruited and consumption tax, but the service cost that does not include amount and place to offer matchs, all sorts of plan cost of the indirect protection that is not pair of country products again or the finance revenue to import reach charge;

A of · of T of · of second, A or " of short duration import one word of " to show by this convention the 3rd indicates definitely institute of internal law plan orders each convention and entrance state the clause is avoided temporarily impose the import that imports each duty;

One word of have a change of luck of third, " or " of pass through the territory of a country shows goods is pressed conclude a treaty place of code of one party home revises a provision from this churchyard carry of a custom comes the another custom of same churchyard;

Customs declaration of A of · of T of · of A of man, " card book " (the first monogram of two words of n of o of i of s of s of i of m of d of A of   of # of p of m of e of T of   of n of o of i of s of s of i of m of d of A of French of department of A of · of A · T) point to;

Couplet of oneself, " protects one word of consortium " to show via concluding a treaty approve of authorities of one party customs is gotten the money that this convention indicates the 6th times is to offer the consortium that assure in this churchyard;

One word of " of board of age, " shows the basis was signed in Brussels on December 15, 1949 " establish pact of Customs Co-operation Council " the orgnaization that sets;

One word of " of person of laborious, " , outside having stipulator additionally except context, hold <> concurrently point to natural person and legal person.
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