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New trends in foreign trade next year: to encourage imports of commodities Wrec
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The forthcoming national conference of Commerce, foreign trade became the focus in 2011. "China Times" I was informed that "adjusting structure, promoting balanced" foreign trade in 2010 will be the main tone. However, specific policies, and in the past blindly focus on encouraging the export are different, will go on for imports; in which non-tariff measures to further clean up the smooth clearance of commodities, is one of the main measures. 15 December, the Commerce Department insider revealed to the newspaper writer, policy guidance next year, will promote trade facilitation of imports, further reducing the import trade of the examination and approval, simplify the automatic import license registration; in promoting the expansion of the opening of China, Ministry of Commerce will continue to promote all kinds of tariff and non tariff reduction, opening up the manufacturing and services sectors. In addition, to promote key industries, the introduction of policies to promote industry support, such as energy saving, high-tech industries, promote the restructuring of Chinese enterprises and service development. Secretary-General of China International Economic and Exchange Center, the former Vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo said that China's import of previous studies is not enough, the trade policies of large countries are not taking into account the import, just keep encouraging exports, which require timely adjustments change. In the just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference, the representation of foreign trade also changed the meeting that "uphold both exports and imports, both foreign investment and foreign investment, efforts to broaden the channels of international economic cooperation, constantly enhance the level of opening up." Difficult to continue high growth export China's export situation this year was better than market expectations. Data show that from January to November, China's import and export value $ 2,677,280,000,000, an increase of 36.3%. Which exports $ 1,423,850,000,000, up 33%; imports $ 1,253,430,000,000, up 40.3%; trade surplus was 170.42 billion U.S. dollars. In fact, the Commerce Department originally estimated that at the end of this year's export growth rate of 8% -10% will, however, data from 1-11 in terms of foreign trade, exports far exceeded the actual recovery is expected. "Export growth this year will be between 28% -30%." Foreign trade system, analysis, discussion in the trade show research, the Commerce Department has estimated 2010 full-year export growth to 25% of the number of . However, this growth rate may be unsustainable. Previously, a number of key provinces and cities in foreign trade during the first half of 2011 are forecast growth in external demand is slowing down, difficult to reproduce the fast growth trend this year. Autumn Fair 2010, the information showed that export orders are not strong, but mostly the short list. Even a pessimist exports in 2011 estimated that there may be negative. "Even if not negative growth, the growth rate is also very limited." Wei Jianguo of the author, said, "China's exports next year, does not seem to be generally optimistic, expected to decline by 10 to 15 percent." Within the Commerce Department said that from 2012, China's foreign trade will be more emphasis on structural adjustment, foreign trade growth target will therefore expected to be reduced. Huo Jianguo, dean of the Ministry of Commerce has given the same judge. He estimates that export growth in 2011 range of roughly 15% -16% and imports rose slightly higher than the export growth in the range of 17% -18% lock. Expand the import key Will import that such a high position, which is the first time the country's overall strategy. In fact, from the second half of 2010 foreign trade policy has been a shift of the signs. The author notes that, recently, the Ministry of Commerce officials on many occasions talked about a series of measures to further expand imports to maintain a balanced development of foreign trade. And to further expand imports, our government has taken a series of policy measures. Include: reduction of import tariffs in 2010, the overall level of China's import tariffs to 9.8%, and further reduce some of the raw materials and final consumer goods import tariffs, the introduction of domestic sales of processing trade-related policies. However, in 2011 the Ministry of Commerce will focus more on the expansion of imports. The Commerce Department insider told this writer revealed that the Ministry of Commerce will focus on encouraging imports from the countries trade deficit with China, or even consider unilaterally open their markets to relax import control, and lower import costs, simplify import financing of domestic enterprises and other measures. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce in 2011 will also support and organize various forms of investment and trade promotion missions "going out" investment and procurement. For the expansion of imports, the Ministry of Commerce Institute for International Trade and Economic Cooperation Department of International Market Research Vice Renbai Ming said: "China needs to import the products and resources focused on two areas of technology, resources, especially in the field of the main commodities such as iron ore, crude oil. "To further enhance the level of trade facilitation, China will further clean-up non-tariff measures, change and improve the policy measures and customs inspection areas, continue to simplify and relax the import of certain management measures to reduce import and processing, reduce import costs and costs . State Council Development Research Center of Foreign Economic Research Department, said Long Guoqiang, told this writer, the first in Europe and America and other countries to relax export controls on China's technology; China should further open their markets unilaterally, for the most developed economies to give preferential trade treatment to promote regional trade and multilateral trade liberalization, which increases imports. Unity within the trade It is worth mentioning that the second Five-Year Plan next year is the first year, so next year we must pay attention to the current foreign trade, but also link the long term. It is understood that five-second period, China's foreign trade development mode focus is on structure, quality, technology, standard on the transition, urging processing trade. Thus, in 2011 the Ministry of Commerce will also help foreign companies to gradually enter the domestic market. "I believe after a few years, especially in the second Five-Year period, China's foreign trade structure will be a great change and improvement in foreign trade market will be linked together. I think the future of China's domestic market will be significantly more than Japan to become the world second largest domestic market. "Commerce Minister Chen Deming had this trade in Guangzhou, said research. Some foreign trade sector that continues to expand in size at the same time, China's foreign trade team will also be changes in the pattern due to the international market and domestic changes in the way of economic development fundamental change. Bai Ming said that China's foreign trade in the next 5 years from the current direction of development of the "mighty force" type to "crack"-type changes in a single product, the lack of bargaining power have gradually been eliminated. With a unified market within the trade, the future of Chinese foreign trade enterprises of the product chain and industry chain will be further "extend", close to the production of the current business model developed multinational, manufacturing companies from their own needs, from "China" to "China" change.
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