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Foreign graduates of bilingual good job
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November 27, the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute at the School of Foreign recruitment industry. Graduates of dual language was mastered by the employer of all ages. The job fair will recruit a total of more than 80 units to come. In addition to Foreign Recruitment jobs outside of class, as well as tourism, hotels, foreign language education and training, foreign service and other related positions. According to reports, this year the employment situation is very good Foreign trade, active recruitment of units to the school increased, due to limited space, the school selected professional counterparts, the demand for large units participants. Recruitment of Foreign-site reflects the characteristics of specialty employment, graduates have come up with housekeeping skills, foreign language chat up with the employer. However, graduates are described as "da" may not be what they have learned profession. A French graduate recruiters are working with McCain the English, and English major graduates from time to time use German to communicate with others. Gulina said the school career center, jobs available from the job fair to see, English language and professional needs of small base is one to one impartial. No matter how large or non-universal language language graduate students, bilingual people find jobs broader and more popular by the employer. Foreign sector employment a few years later, with greater flow of talent to replace language area is very frequent, who no doubt grasp the broader applicability in multiple languages, employment potential is greater. It is noteworthy that, from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kunming and other places also carry many high-paying corporate job recruiting graduates. They also received a substantial resume. Recruitment will attract the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute and Foreign Studies in Beijing, the other class of college graduates more than 1,200 people to attend. Gulina said that the Beijing students active employment of graduates as a signal. Although the Beijing students or graduates of local feeling is very serious, but they can cast a field unit resume also shows that the field units into their job search horizons.
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