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How does system of shallow analyse entrance guard prevent medium new application
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, intelligent floor space is summarized

In building of space of contemporary intelligence floor, system of electronic entrance guard rises to promote Lou Yuzhi to be able to change rate not only, promotion builds the action of figure class, it is intelligent floor space more at the same time building safety is on guard main component of the system. Because the control action that builds passageway to Lou Yu reached since entrance guard system, he also made the important protective screen that Lou Yuan is on guard completely.

2, face each other of intelligent floor space bans systematic functional requirement

In building of space of contemporary intelligence floor, because of its architectural function action differs, be on guard to safety of the system defend grade asks each are not identical. Accordingly, face each other bans systematic functional requirement, also endless and identical because of defending grade differs.

In the meantime, as a result of the building of each intelligent floor space the texture differs, to the composition of entrance guard system type selecting of structure, equipment asks to wait endless also and identical.

Analysis of requirement of field of function of system of 2.1 entrance guard

1, of area of face each other control

The first job of entrance guard system finishs the control of area of face each other namely, implementation has the personnel of attributive, in formulary time, can enter gate area of the regulation. In the meantime, to assure the safety of gate area, door of even special requirement is in open more than one calm time, must have call the police clew, the safe hidden trouble that brings in order to because the person closes to forget,avoid.

Opening the door on means, also ask to have brush card to open the door, card adds a password to open the door with pure password wait for a few kinds of means.

Additional, in specific intelligent building, two doors that the requirement wants to realize nearby realize each other to lock up a function, when be being opened in a door namely, a door cannot be opened absolutely. The place waits in jail, detention house, still ask to have " turn over threatening password to call the police " function, be on duty with assuring to be in the policemen falls by the circumstance such as hold sb under duress, can make sure person is safe already, call the police ably again.

2, online make one's rounds more

In intelligent building, of security personnel perambulatory it is indispensable. The tradition leaves line type make one's rounds more the record cannot pass into a system in real time in, intelligence changes rate not tall, of entrance guard system read card implement can use directly as make one's rounds more dot, implementation make one's rounds more the online real time of the record uploads.

Read card mediumly with entrance guard system implement as make one's rounds more dot, with ID card serves as make one's rounds more carrier, implementation make one's rounds more the real time of the record uploads. Online make one's rounds is to united a respect to promote make one's rounds more more the intelligence that runs a system changes rate, on the other hand, defend in the light of the key place, was to promote systematic safety to defend more level.
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