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Full day sky uses general benefit department to connect on the plane " low burnu
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Transport company of complete Japan aviation (All Nippon Airways Co. , the following abbreviation " full day is empty " ) the plane tire that used general benefit department to understand development on Boeing 777-300ER. New tire constructs through using meridian " RRR " (Revolutionarily Reinforced Radial) , and interior uses tall flexibility and fiber of excel in force, realized tall wearability to reach light quantify. First plane that gives priority to tire with this tire already became field at was being carried out on October 8, 2008 -- the airliner of Hong Kong course.
This plane a side has 6 advocate annulus, add up to distribute stock 12 advocate tire. After trading these tire new fund by primary fund, airframe weight reduced 80kg left and right sides.
This company is booked before 9 years October, deploy this tire in succession on the 13 Boeing 777-300ER of course of flight Sunday run. Those who pass tire is light quantify, after be being deployed entirely can cut down every year make an appointment with 10KL (it is 530 pails about by can conversion) quantity of specific fuel consumption. Conversion is 260 tons about into carbon dioxide.

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