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Tianjin is energy-saving to the building carry out superintend do not accord wit
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The reporter learns from housing and branch of director of urban and rural construction, " civil building is energy-saving byelaw " begin to carry out since this month, energy-saving to the building will carry out whole process to superintend, level is sold in commodity house, development business must offer the sources of energy to use up index and heat preservation project to guarantee period etc.
To go up from fountainhead keep within limits builds the sources of energy excessive use up, this rules falls in the prerequisite that does not add new administrative license, energy-saving to building a structure carry out whole process to superintend. Permit level in the program above all, when the requirement undertakes planning to examine, whether ought to accord with civil building with respect to design program the opinion that energy-saving mandatory standard seeks the construction that be the same as class to be in charge of a branch; Civil to be not being accorded with building is energy-saving of mandatory standard, do not grant to issue license of construction project program.
In design phase, the requirement builds architectural construction graph to design a file to must accord with civil building energy-saving mandatory standard. Do not accord with civil building via examining of energy-saving mandatory standard, construction is in charge of a branch to must not issue construction license.
Complete checks and accept level, whether ought to construction unit accord with civil building civil building energy-saving mandatory standard serves as probation serious content; Civil to be not being accorded with building is energy-saving of mandatory standard, must not issue complete to check and accept qualified report. Level is sold in commodity house, requirement estate develops a business to buy a person bright the sources of energy that shows a house of carry out commodity uses up project of index, energy-saving measure and protective requirement, heat preservation to guarantee period wait for information; Use guarantee level, unit of specific provision construction is in guarantee limits and guarantee period inside, guarantee to producing the heat preservation project of quality problem to have compulsory, assume liability to pay compensation lawfully to the loss that cause.

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