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Pay defend case
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Branch of Beijing of Chinese XX bank:

Apply opened ____________ mark letter of credit all right in you to ____________________ company, l/C amount is __________________ , my company offers for its pay assure as follows:

If this company fails to fulfill this L/C inside formulary deadline the payment below is compulsory, criterion my company assures to be in receive you inside 5 weekday after running hand face informs, will deal with money along with to pay accrual whole incorporate into administrative areas behindhand you go.

Defend case originally of next my companies assure amount is afore-mentioned L/C amount. Namely ___________ (great) _______________________ . But if this card happens to increase the specified number or reduce the specified number,revise, assure amount also subsequently increase and decrease.

Defending case originally is a kind of assurance that assure continuously and compensates for, do not suffer assure the company accepts ranking unit any instructions or the influence that sign any agreements, document with other unit, whether to also go bankrupt because of security, lose pay off ability or enterprise qualification, change an organization constitution and close, stop, and, turn to wait for change and have any changes.

This security is via ranking administrator sectional approval holds water, by industrial and commercial administration the branch sends the legal person of business charter, enough property is guarantor card, assure to fulfill this protecting to case an obligation below.

Protect case to have go into effect from issued day originally, to L/C next dealing with after money is all and paid automatic invalidation.


Legal person delegate: Assure unit (official seal)

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