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Duty-free already proof expresses exit cigarette
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Exit cigarette is duty-free already proof

Revenue: ___________
Number: _____________
The place issueing a list that the company purchases in factory of   of   of       lists cigarette, my bureau already was avoided by the regulation imposed _________ _________ value added tax, consumption tax, give to afore-mentioned cigarette please superintend.

Product nameBrandUnitAmountAmount (yuan)Avoid collect amount of value added taxAvoid collect consumption tax amountSend ticket numberGrant is tax-free buy cigarette of imports and exports to prove number
MonovalentAdd up toUnit the amount of tax to be paidAdd up toUnit the amount of tax to be paidAdd up to
Cigarette plant (affix one's seal)The tax authority opinion that is in charge of cigarette plant levy (affix one's seal)
Fill out a form person: Controller of company finance affairs:

This proof fills in by cigarette plant, one type 4 couplet, the first couplet the tax authority that by revenue of cigarette plant seat hind of affix one's seal sends a director to buy money business to export drawback directly, plant of cigarette of the 2nd couplet turns the enterprise that buy goods, triplex take revenue of cigarette plant seat, the 4th couplet takes cigarette plant.
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