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" import sheet of Fu Hui cancel after verification "
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" import sheet of Fu Hui cancel after verification "

Import Fu Hui to put on record

Put on record watch number:

Put on record category: Authenticity of Fuhui of ground of different of long-dated Fu Hui examines Fu Hui
Entrance unitFuhui bank
Import contract sizeThe entrance sends v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money
Merchandise categoryThe entrance approves an order
Buy foreign exchange pay money to plant amount: Account collects now pay money to plant amount:
Settle accounts means: L/C collection goods arrives remittance (customs declaration number: Money plants amount: ) other
Fu Hui date/ /Should arrive date/ /Lose dollar amount

This pen Fu Hui already my bureau is examined put on record, do Fu Hui procedure by the regulation please.
Bureau of national exchange control is divided () bureau

Note: 1. Put on record express one type 4 couplet: Show off melt  admires Piao quiet to pay bring a case to court of an official document or note of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of blain of ㄒ  lax sincering feeling  ? triplex) put archives; along with all the others the 2nd couplet is expressed by entrance unit and cancel after verification (the 2nd couplet) along with all the others keep; triplex dealing with Fu Hui by foreign currency nominated bank
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