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Grant is tax-free buy cigarette of imports and exports to prove to express
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Grant is tax-free buy cigarette of imports and exports to prove

Revenue: ___________
Number: _____________
Row of place of the watch below my company sale expects, belong to reappear into makings treatment buccal commerce, allow on sale bill to make clear the amount of tax to be paid by computation of formulary tax rate please, but not plan ask for put in storage, and by ___________ the exit from my company is buckled in drawback ___________ money touch.


Product name





Export cigarette amount plan this year

Already purchased cigarette amount this year

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The director exports opinion of drawback tax authority: (affix one's seal)Export business (affix one's seal)
Fill out a form person: Controller of finance affairs of foreign trade company:

1 . This proves one type 4 couplet, the first couplet sends a director the tax authority of its levy by foreign trade enterprise, the 2nd couplet is in charge of the revenue keep of drawback, triplex keep of foreign trade enterprise, the 4th couplet hands in the tax authority that is in charge of levy.
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