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The meaning of power of North America manpower
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The meaning of power of North America manpower


Understanding a few their signal movements or body sign language when your body is in North America and local contact with is very important. Here listed the signal movement with 20 kinds of the most commonly used American and body sign language. Although have the habit of some of circumstance and home not conform to, even as it happens is contrary, but on the territory under one's control that you did not want to but be in a family,forget this, want with their peaceful coexistence, you still had better be do in Rome as Rome does.

1, handclasp

The handclasp when North America person is meeting presents his compliment each other, they matter from handclasp learns since children age close ground is strong grasp.

2, look contact

When present his compliment to the person or chatting with the person, the child of North America should face up to the other side with respect to foregone path. If do not look at the other side, this is considered as normally shy perhaps lack passion, or -- even more flooey -- it is cowardly.

3, wave

North America person is no matter greeting sb to the person or leave, just perhaps want to cause further from him person to notice, they move an arm, stretch a hand, swing back and forth.

4, call

North America person wants call others is to wave first normally in order to cause the attention of the other side, turn the hand next the appearance that comes over to do inward dip. American still has the sign of person of a kind of call, that is to extend index finger (the palm forward oneself face) , bend this forefinger upcountry extend.

5, the gesticulation of the "V" glyph that represents a victory

Form V glyph with forefinger and middle finger, this can understand to win for signal " in the whole world almost " or " peace " .

6, "O.K. 6, "O.K.. Is neon qualitative?

North America person often enthusiastic show off this gesticulation: Big toe and forefinger are formed annular, other 3 point to unbend.

7, the thumb since vertical stroke

This is in North America and the very common sign in a lot of other countries often is used to breathed the earth's surface shows support and approval: "Work well! ", "O.K. ", "O.K.. Yang? is extremely marvellous! "With etc ten kinds convey diction.

8, " hook their dual role "

City person can identify most Dekesasi this gesticulation (raise fist, mix forefinger the little finger is straight) for Dekesasi the gather volume number of the university, because it is indicative the mark of this school and mascot, famous Dekesasi the horn of horn ox.

9, the distance between person and person

Below normal social condition, when North America person stands together, general and mutual interval is controlled 30 inches, it is the Yao of one arm about. This span is considered as to make the individual feels the limits " with comfortable and easy and comfortable " .
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