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Interest of each country gesticulation talks
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Interest of each country gesticulation talks

The important 溝 that 語 character is person 類 connects a tool to do not have 錯, but also 無 place is absent besides 語 character the character of limb 體 語 of place 謂 is in my 們 daily life, it not only 豐 became rich the 內 contain of 語 character, also often can more add 強 the meaning 願 of 達 of person 們 傳 , have 時 more can the clever watch 達 that 無 聲 勝 has 聲 訊 breath 並 and 對 leaving 給 square bigger envisage empty 間.

With 歐 continent 為 exemple, fair 認 of person of 義 big profit is most be apt to expresses 達 at character of limb 體 語, besides 歸 result comes from rare 臘 civilization therefore at 羅 馬 culture and can hope 臘 is civilized 係 of 關 of 與 戲 劇 is close outside, sex of nationality of hand 勢 與, district also has write the 關 係 with 極 its close 緊.

Performance of 劇 of acting 戲 of 時 of Gu Xi 臘 gains ground very, can 說 is the dweller's important life partially, 陽 of every 當 evening on the west Shenyang, curtain of night falls 臨 時, courtyard of 劇 of automatical 會 past open air collects the crowd, below the stage Shen Zui performs 員 經 at arena by 戲 each 種 of the formal 傳 達 of 劇 has 關 the 資 訊 such as 諭 of 學 of 歷 history, article, god.

And by at courtyard of 當 時 劇 all type of 為 open air and 數 of 觀 眾 person photograph 當 is much, so besides the 聲 sound that performs 員 with 讓 arena with 計 of 設 of exquisite 劇 courtyard can 傳 達 comes outside each corner, also 規 allows 3 to perform 員 to appearance with 時 only with 時 at most surely, more be in among them definitely only of 說 話 perform 員 to add 強 to express 達 with character of limb 體 語, the 員 of its 餘 stage that perform stands definitely only place must not move 動 also does not get 動 to make, 這 is 為 convenient the 觀 眾 that sits in 遠 處 can 夠 認 goes out after all is 誰 in 說 話 .

劇 of 戲 of You Wuxi 臘 already in the daily life that dissolve enters a dweller, not the 話 語 on 論 arena (stage 詞 ) and the character of limb 體 語 that 幫 aids watch 達 is cited in great quantities, the way expressing 達 that opens 時 naturally also into ferial 溝 of 為 person 們 .

Come by rare 臘 culture accordingly culture of rare 臘 colony, come again 羅 馬 culture, and the shadow 響 force of 國 of emperor of 羅 馬 civilized by means of 擴 until 歐 continent the 東 in down to, 區 of North Africa ground, but the nationality that also differs by common of nation of Wu Ke 個 , of hand 勢 make in order to and watch 達 way not same also.

For example 說 遠 in northwest the flower 國 common people of one 區 uses hand 勢 rarely, 雖 like that 豐 of 彙 of flower 語 詞 is rich, dissolve was entered many outside 來 語, but the use of hand 勢 appears still 侷 is restricted in Wu Wu Taichun and 當 of 會 of flower 國 國 , be in 勢 of hand of square ground of 這 兩 個 is itself of performance and watch 達 partially.
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