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The formal zephyr common of Russia
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The formal zephyr common of Russia


One, the flower is best gift

The Russian loves a flower, no matter birthday, festival, still be common be a guest, cannot leave a flower. Give a flower, little an one branch, many a few branches, but must be odd number. When International Working Women's Day, send lovesickness the flower to cummer; The flower that sends a man is the big flower with tall bine, gorgeous color commonly; When somebody of the other side dies, want to send the flower of even numbers, can send carnation or tulip.

2, 3 write down a kiss

When the Russian meets and leaving, be used to kiss and be being embraced. Kiss person and good friend especially, want to connect a kiss 3 times on the cheek: The left and right sides is different

3, word of praise wants appropriate

Normally the circumstance falls, the Russian is in exchange of conventional greetings, when chatting, to the person's appearance, attire, figure and demeanour are OK and complimentary, the body situation that faces a person cannot flatter, this habit as it happens and Chinese are different. Be in Russia, do not listen to such as almost: "Your body is really good " , " you are not true health, unripe illness " these fair words, because be in the Russian's habit, this kind of word forbids to say, people felt to say to be able to produce contrary result.

4, cry greatly on wedding " suffer from, bitter "

On elated bridal banquet, russia guest can cry suddenly case " suffer from, be bitter! " means " the life is so bitter, will nod sweet! " then, bridegroom bride can stand rise, kiss before everybody.

5, see empty bucket is ominous

The Russian thinks, if you see on the road somebody carries empty barrel, perhaps carrying two empty barrels, be bodeful. If encountered pail of Li Chengman water, it is good sign.

6, digital likes and dislikes

Like the citizen of a lot of west countries, the Russian also does not like this 13 numbers, because of what betray Jesus Judaic in " last supper " in arrange the 13rd. The Russian also does not like this 666 numbers, think it is a devil. The Russian likes this 7 numbers, likelihood and the Othodox Eastern Church are concerned, because 7 those who get god is favorite, god created the world with 6 days of time, one day rests, this is the antecedents of a week. In Russian, 7 often be used to the business that has described. For example, the Chinese says " look before you leap " , the Russian says however: "Estimate put oneself in another's position 7 times, cut the garment into parts " ; The Chinese says: "Ninefold day " , the Russian says however, he seems to be in with joy " the seventh heaven " .

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