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Israel on the weekend custom
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Israel on the weekend custom </P><P>
Of Israel there is distinguishing feature extremely on the weekend. Among them with a kind the name is " Cholent " Sabbath is stewed article provide most representative. According to the legal clause provision of Israel: In Sabbath that day do not permit the work. Accordingly, judaic chef people send palpability to need one kind to stew boiled cooked food for long. Their flesh one made of baked clay canister, bean or lentil and carrot and potato are put inside furnace to be boiled with slow baked wheaten cake, begin from on Friday, should stew slowly all the time burn on Saturday midday lunch time. Method of this kind of cooking can make housewife be able to busy in snatch a moment of leisure, and arrived winter is more popular with general. </P><P>Every arrive on Friday afternoon, because have by tens of thousands the Jew prepares in that day respective " Cholent " , because this daily expense n of this country wants,rise 20% . </P><P>Stew besides Sabbath taste characteristic of this kind of custom, in Israel, this day is returned on Friday is the time that large quantities of soldiers come home. Suit all countrymans to make army lives, no matter be religion is mixed,be not religious soldier accordingly, want to not be in safe and defensive front line only, can be in Sabbath rests one day that. That day, mom rise busily, wash clothes course of study also begins be ready in take action, because soldiers are taking a bag of big dirty clothes,came home. </P><P>As a result of on Friday of working hours shorten, all shops closed the door early afternoon, and return can be in sabbatical close a business a day. Pace of the people on the ave is accelerated gradually, what because they must be driven before the shop closes to had been purchased,need goods on the weekend, among them flower and food are indispensable. The Israeli can purchase a lot of flowers for Sabbath, make like mother's day every weekend general and grand. </P><P>If say to be in on the weekend, lack on the coffee table of living room fold paper, can saying this weekend so is half-baked. Because the Israeli is fond of,this is not only buy of all kinds the press, search from which inscribe with the word that will regard at one's leisure as prattle, because 6 million countrymans of whole nation of call together of this dynasty title support the sale of of all kinds daily newspaper, weekly and magazine jointly,mainer is. </P><P>Go the cinema sees a movie, or go coffee hall and friend chat, or the evening party that attends of all kinds, be extraordinary popularity on the weekend recreational activities. Divide this beyond, there still is a kind of more distinctive custom in Israel. In every on Friday in the evening, trooped couples (it is 3 pairs of couples normally a group) can meet in a certain family, spend in all on the weekend. The party is in normally every Friday in the evening 10 when to 11 when begin, can make people has enough time to come home to reunite with family first so, and read newspaper and magazine. </P><P>In Israel all people very abide by the custom on the weekend to be used to with all sorts of activities. If the child is asked to leave base of defending troops job on the weekend, so the greatly small of food and newspaper package that they can accept to be sent in the home. At the same time the post and telecommunications office also has to be post only this kinds lap and the fixed fee of set is led. No matter lap size and weight, uniform and unified mark a price. Not only such, legionary broadcast broadcasting station also is met will broadcast technically in the morning on Friday first gear name is " maternal sound " musical program, parents can choose a few song to be broadcasted in the program, express to express sympathy and solicitude for to the children that are far from a family.
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