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Euramerican on closet 須 knows
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Euramerican on closet 須 knows

Of closet formal

Washing is my 們 uses the place with 極 為 numerous 頻 daily between water, also by the closet at communal 場 place it is 眾 person is common, need in use 時 須 takes care all the more so, lest shadow 響 the affection of a person that use 緒, and some places of 內 of closet 與 國 are being used outside 國 is not quite identical.

Platoon 隊

Not 論 schoolboy or it is a schoolgirl, the situation that if be in,closet all is used by 佔 on 況, after 來 person need 須 platoon 隊 is used, and the method that discharges 隊 is the closet in whole most the 處 outside leaning depends on foreword first the platoon that 來 after goes to becomes, once have,among them the sky between some gives 來 時, discharge the person nature 擁 in the first to 優 uses 權 first, platoon of each 個 of 內 of 這 與 國 is in between some outside 門, the means photograph 當 of 氣 of 運 of 賭 having 點 is different, if boldly before go discharging before 門, sure 會 meets with 視 of photograph of someone else glower, point to 責 even, and it is not clear that are you done possibly why Where is after blame?


Closet most 髒 of avoid 諱 骯, measure caution in 儘 of use 時 請 so, if have pollution also 儘 tries possibly clear 潔 , if 廁 習 慣 is undesirable,have some of person, do not go again after of be apt to, the person that protect below 證 one to use needs 須 鄒 is written risk 頭 , ceaseless cuss 罵 issues 繼 續 to use in the heart.

婦 female things also hand of 順 of 1000 萬 別 is thrown into 馬 bucket, lest cause 馬 bucket to jam, if other crouchs on 馬 bucket to use, 紙 of 無 of the person that 衛 of many billow 費 gives birth to 來 of after of 紙 as a result can use the travel 為 that etc is photograph 當 misgivings, a person that use thinks, a lot of more automatical thing you 會 takes an examination of 慮 after redo.

沖 water

The 沖 water of some places differs positional 與 commonly, it is to be by cistern mostly, some pulls with the 來 that pull 繩 in 頭 頂 , also have what pull with the hand in 馬 bucket rear, having a few more walk with 腳 來 on the ground, the means that walks with 腳 on thing 實 is most Fu Han 衛 gives birth to former 則, if you are,be mighted as well by contaminative 則 by hand of 沖 water 時 usable 衛 unripe 紙 encases 沖 water press 沖 water again, 當 like that you are gotten rapid most after 丟 of one 張 給 goes down of ability 來 reach.

Gone after

If the affection of 隊 is discharged in 無 person,況 falls, need not good 關 of 廁 place 門, 應 該 leaves 細 of a few 縫, 讓 after 來 person do not need to suspicious can knowing is empty certainly among them, it is good to deny 關 of 會 of 則 certain 門, the 習 慣 of my 們 of 這 點 與 is not quite identical also.

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