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Asian each country is formal with contraindication
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◎ Afghanistan republic◎ United Arab Emirates
Republic of ◎ Arabia SyriaCountry of ◎ Oman Sudan
◎ Azerbaijan republic◎ Pakistan is Mohammedan republic
◎ Bahrain country◎ Democratic People's Republic of Korea
◎ PhilippinesRepublic of ◎ case Lu Jiya
◎ Kazakstan republicRepublic of Ji Si of ◎ auspicious Er
◎ Kampuchea◎ Qatar country
◎ Kuwait countryRepublic of democracy of ◎ Laos people
◎ Romania◎ Malaysia
◎ Mongolia country◎ Bengalese civilian republic
◎ is Burmese and confederative◎ Nepalese kingdom
◎ Japan◎ Saudi Arabia is regnal
Republic of socialism of ◎ sri lanka democracy◎ tower auspicious overcomes a republic
◎ Taiwan (area)◎ peaceful is regnal
◎ Turkey republic◎ Turkmen
◎ Brunei amounts to Lu Salan country◎ Wu Kelan
◎ Wu Ci does not overcome a republic◎ Hong Kong (area)
◎ Singapore republic◎ Armenia republic
◎ Yemen republic◎ Iraq
◎ Iran is Mohammedan republic◎ India republic
◎ Indonesia republic◎ Jordan breaths out rare Mu kingdom
Republic of ◎ Vietnam socialism◎ People's Republic of China

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