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Western calling card is used formal
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The use of calling card is very extensive. The mainest is to use as self introduction, also can follow give flower or gift, and send letter of recommendation, express one's thanks to, invitation letter, condolatory letter to wait use. Be above calling card is OK still leave brief P.S. .

Hesperian writes the initial that has word of a few French normally when use calling card, they represent following different meanings respectively:

1, P.P. , (Pourpresentation) : Meaning introduce namely. Use an introduction of a friend to give another friend normally. Receive a friend to deliver when you left next horn are written have "P.P. Receive a friend to deliver when you left next horn are written have "P.P..

2, P.f. , (Pourfelicitation) : Meaning congratulate namely. Use at festival or other and fixed fete.

3, P.c. , (Pourcondoleance) : Meaning namely sincerely extend condolences. When anybody dies, express to express sympathy and solicitude for.

4, P.r. , (Pourremerciement) : Small cup of banter of T of Tang lip arc having enough chews Cheng Sha ⒆ :  of K of arc of travel of pacify of Xing of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of  of the She nationality of charming of Nai of box vomit the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome embeds?P of allow small cup. F. "Or "p. C. C..

5, P.P.c. , (Pourprendreconge) : Meaning namely farewell before setting out. Use when part company.

6, P.f.n.a. , (Pourfeliciterlenouvelan) : Meaning namely Happy New Year.

7. N.b. , (Notabene) : Meaning ask an attention namely. Remind the other side to notice the P.S. on calling card.

According to western socialization formal, send calling card should notice, when a man goes visitting a family, if want to send calling card, part of one's job does not give male, goodwife each piece, give the woman of more than 18 years old in this family a piece again, but be in anything but same the place keeps calling card of 3 pieces of above.

A woman goes to others home sojourning, if want to send calling card, the woman of more than 18 years old in should giving this family everybody is one piece, but should not give a man calling card.

If visit human affairs to did not date first, also do not want to be interviewed, want to show respect only, can hand the person that any coming that open the door calling card, ask host of his pass on. If host opens the door to invite personally,go in, also should sit a bit only a short while. Calling card should be put on the desk, cannot give goodwife hand directly in.

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