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Basis " exporter of People's Republic of China tastes inspection " regulation, all export goods must be passed examine, without examine or examining unqualified, prohibit export. Here examine, include orgnaization of national trade supervision examine with proper motion of production, management unit.

Belong to legal examining commodity, or contract provision examines by orgnaization of national trade supervision the commodity that gives evidence, after goods equipment is neat, answer to apply for to examine to the Commodity Inspection Bureau, answer to offer application inside a week before goods gives movement commonly, " should fill in to export newspaper check to apply for odd " when signing up for check, follow attach contract and L/C copy, and export goods customs declaration involve used certificate.

Sign up for the commodity of check, undertake examining by trade supervision orgnaization or designation inspection agency. The standard that examining basis is provision of law law plan or other must carry out examine standard (if import the standard of provision of law law plan) or contract place sets examine standard. When the agreement of the contract and legal standard are different, it is with high level accurate.

Via certificate of proof, sign and issue certification by trade supervision orgnaization, or build on " of customs declaration of " export goods examine seal. Consignor should have export of carry of the 60 newspapers inside the day in the day that signs and issue certificate, exceed the time limit signs up for carry to export, should declare afresh examine.

Legal to be not being belonged to examine the export goods of limits, can by production, management unit or entrust other inspection agency to examine, orgnaization of national trade supervision undertakes to its fixed or nonsked selective examination, selective examination unqualified, prohibit export.

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