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Make only settlement of exchange
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Receipt of the 1 exit that make
A. Bill of exchange
In international trade, what basically use is bill of exchange following sheet, regard exit as the proof that square requirement pays. Following issue should note when the bill of exchange that make.
·Give bill provision. The bill of exchange of L/C under one's name, should fill in clause giving a bill. Include: Open card travel title, l/C number and date opening card.

·Amount of bill of exchange. Collection amount of next bill of exchange should agree with bill. If use close an account of means of letter of credit of partial collection, share, criterion amount of two pieces of bill of exchange fills in by the regulation each, both the sum is equal to invoice amount. L/C the bill of exchange below, if L/C does not have a regulation, answer to agree with invoice amount. Hundred what if L/C sets amount of bill of exchange,be bill, fill in by the regulation. This one practice, use at quoting in order to contain commission value to middleman normally, bill is made by the price that contain commission, travel opening card is in pay the case that the times smashs commission.

·Drawee name. Ask the bill of exchange of debit type, drawee is buyer. Below L/C means, pay with what L/C opens card to go or its appoint behavior drawee. If L/C did not add a specification, criterion in order to open card behavior drawee.

·Chamberlain name. The chamberlain of bill of exchange should be a bank. Below L/C means, chamberlain pays to discuss normally row; Below collection means, chamberlain can be collection travel, all consummate directive type looks up. Just also can keep outcome into chamberlain in collection (already received money order) , make by chamberlain next entrust gathering to endorse to go to collection.

B. Commercial bill.
Commercial bill (Commercial Invoice) it is the detailed account of eye of hair commodity price that exporter opens, it is the total specification of shipping goods. Bill reflected contract content in the round.
The main effect of bill is to offer importer by in order to receive money, pay payment for goods and charge to an account of trade of imports and exports, declare at customs the credential of pay taxes. Be in need not below the circumstance of bill of exchange (if pay L/C, immediate D/P) , bill replaces bill of exchange to serve as payment basis.
Bill does not have unified format, its content should accord with contract provision, be in with L/C means settle accounts when, still answer as strict as the regulation of L/C conform to. Bill is the center of bill of complete set freight, other bill all joins copy of content of bill of issue as before to make, make consequently ask to be not had correctly not only by accident, still should form a standard, neat and beautiful.
The content that make and note are as follows:
·Exporter name. Bill top must have exporter name, address, telex, fax and telephone number, among them exporter name and address should agree with L/C.
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