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Cast protect
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We export a contract, clinch a deal with CIF and CIP means mostly, by me directional insurance company is cast protect. Export goods is safe, use chase a pen to cast maintain pattern. Finishing consign formalities to obtain after matching cabin to answer sheet, export business can deal with insurance formalities.

Policy-holder is filled first make " carry " of danger insurance application, content includes policy-holder name, goods name, carriage mark, ship name or shipping tool, shipping ground (harbor) , destination (harbor) , begin navigation date, cast defend amount, insured risk, cast protect date and reparations place to wait. One type 2, policy-holder is handed in to regard as after the portion is signed by insurance company accept send the certificate that keep; Another makes the basis of insurance policy as copy by insurance company keep. To simplify formalities, foreign trade company also has bill, export goods detail sheet or sheet of analysis of goods giving movement replace insurance application, but still must add pour the content that matchs cabin to answer sheet and insured risk and amount.

Clinch a deal by condition of FOB, FCA, CFR, CPT, be sure to be dealt with by buyer, if the bargainor agrees,accept buyer to entrust do sth for sb safe. Answer to assume charge and risk by buyer. Cast maintain procedures Alexandrine. " insurance premium should be made clear to allow to be spent in the forehead of L/C on L/C beyond overspend " .

Insurance company protects content according to casting, sign and issue insurance policy or insurance proof, calculate insurance premium, only evidence one type 5, among them a keep, policy-holder obtains 4 reserved copy after paid insurance premium, cast protect accuse namely finish.

Policy-holder issue in insurance policy card hind, discovery is cast protect content wrong leakage or need to change, answer to put forward in time to correct application to insurance company, go out by insurance company establish batch of sheet, stickup go up at insurance policy and build rule of a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper, insurance company assumes responsibility by the condition after correcting.

Application is corrected must be before goods happening loss, or below the condition that policy-holder does not know to any loss accidents happen, go out to destination premise in goods.

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