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Export only evidence
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Export only evidence
1 . Note behavior

(1 ) give a bill

(2) endorse. Endorsing is the annotate on with person getting a money signs in the reverse side of bill or be made certain, express to make cession conduct to bill. The transferor calls endorser, person be cessioned is endorsee. Can be added to endorse again by the transferor, make over again go out, such, a piece of bill can be made over for many times. The sort that endorse has:

a . Blank endorses. Endorser signs only, do not add note.

b . Nominative endorse. After endorser signs, add note this ticket to transfer designation person.

c . Limitation endorses. The restricted requirement that records this bank note is imposed after endorser signs.

(3) clew. Bill is in pay or request an autograph long-datedly to see or when accept, answer to hint bill to drawee by the person that oppose a bill.

(4) the autograph sees. The person that oppose a bill must ask to drawee the autograph sees first, after drawee sees bill, those who divide spot outside granting to pay namely, long-dated beard sees model of written characters in autograph of the attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it on bill, " pays to wait after autograph leaving a lot, date and the day that a few annotate see a bill oneself like " rise consideration 30 days.

(5) accept. Long-dated bill sets accept, before pay, must ask to drawee by the person that oppose a bill accept, namely drawee is before bill model of written characters of annotate on accept, autograph, date is added to reach a few annotate to wait after.

(6) attend accept. When bill clew is rejected to drawee when accept, agree to fall in the person that oppose a bill, attend acceptor to regard as enter accept action, on bill by him annotate on " plays accept " model of written characters and autograph, date. Note makes like attending acceptor unlike acceptor advocate debtor, he rejects to pay in drawee only when, only then owe payment obligation.

(7) assure. The assurance of bill is guarantor pay a ticket the money to the specific debtor of bill assure.

(8) pay. Spot is classics clew grants to pay namely, long-dated it is to expire pay.

(9) refuse accept and refuse payment. The person that oppose a bill hints with bill, be rejected by acceptor accept; Or expire by drawee refuse payment, answer consummate refuses letter. Refusing letter is inside legal time limit by the person that oppose a bill the requirement pays the ground is legal actuary or other the proves drawee refuses accept or refuse payment law file that the orgnaization that authority issues letter signs and issue. The person that oppose a bill is in obtain after refusing letter, must not make again pay clew, can recourse of exercise of forward hand endorser.

(10) recover. Geneva bill code is decided, because effectiveness for a given period of time is eliminated and bill loses recourse. For example the right of acceptor of bill of exchange is 3 years from the period of efficacy since maturity, recourse of the hand before the person that oppose a bill is right rejects letter day to rise from consummate or maturity removes 1 year; Endorser of bill of exchange section of because of be being recovered pay off bill is forward the hand turns to be recovered all right, have 6 months from pay off day inside effective.
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