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Constituent supply of goods
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Constituent supply of goods

The main job of this one phase is, by contract in of the regulation trade commodity and trading terms, the organization is produced or buy allocate and transfer to allocate and transport, storage is custodial.

(one) produce or buy

To self-supporting exporter, conclude after the contract, answer to organize good production instantly. The character of requirement product, function, pack, keep norms, exterior consistent with contract provision. Want to assure to be supplied in time of complementary makings, semifinished product formerly, ensure deliver the goods on time.

Export business to acting battalion, exporter concludes after the contract, should become good country buy, allocate and transfer. Buy a way to commerce offers money directly for goods and foreign trade two kinds.

(2) allocate and transport

It is good the organization export goods fortune the exit ground toward make choice of. Be like haven, station, airport. Allocate and transport reasonable arrangement flow direction wants in the process, those who choose to reach exit ground from producing area is the most convenience, most the carriage method when the province.

(3) storage is custodial

When goods carries exit ground cannot give movement immediately, should appropriate is custodial. Storage time wants to shorten as far as possible, because the value of storage goods cannot come true immediately, be a kind of capital take up, pay storage fee even at the same time, this is a kind of double loss. For this, should seasonable with outside motion company gets in touch, make goods ships as soon as possible exit.

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