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Business accounting benefit, sum up gain and loss
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Business accounting benefit, sum up gain and loss

This phase often is ignored by place of foreign trade company, and its just is the main factor that gets foreign trade to stabilize development continuously.

Business accounting benefit is to point to measure investment and yield the scale between. Investment is the cost that exports goods and the direct cost the sum that concern with commerce; Yield point out income of buccal foreign currency. The main index of business accounting benefit has what investment yields to compare; Exporter tastes profit and loss; Change collect cost, achieve exchange rate to wait. Export trade should seek exit amount not only, the addition of the absolute magnitude of amount, and should raise economic benefits hard, such exit development just has active sense. Deficit export trade develops to economy and do not have advantage.

Summary gain and loss should include pair of whole commerce courses the experience summary of each phase, so that be in the following commerce more skilled, more be sure the ground undertakes.

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