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Fulfil a contract, treat controversy stage
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Fulfil a contract, treat controversy stage

(one) fulfil a contract

The main content that honor the agreement can use " of " goods, card, boat, money to generalize.

1. Goods

Show by the contract the requirement has neat goods awaits fate, this is finished basically already in phase of constituent supply of goods.

2. Card

The main way of international trade settle accounts is: Collection, telegraphic transfer money and L/C. With L/C most general, at present before both means is very few already reuse. The " card " that says here, point to L/C namely. The activity that concerns with L/C includes:

(1) urge card: Show the bargainor supervises and urge buyer opens L/C as soon as possible piece, go through opening card, discuss denounce send all right support a selling party. Incident does not honor the agreement to often happen in foreign trade, took letter of credit only, traded to just have the possibility that succeeds basically, the bargainor just gets payment for goods likely. (2) careful card: The concerned content of L/C must agree completely with contract provision, namely alleged " card is the same as consistent " . Because the bank is discussing Fu Shi, pay by L/C content only, and without giving thought to contract provision how. The bargainor should assure to agree together truly, the trading terms that in preventing buyer to change a contract through L/C, sets and incur loss.

(3) change testimony: When discovering L/C and contract not agree with, the bargainor should ask buyer provides modification letter of credit by the contract in time.

(4) exhibit evidence: The requirement that exhibit evidence is raised when modification L/C by buyer. With avoiding action of occurrence delay break a contact.

3. Boat

International trade carriage means has marine, land transportation, airborne etc. With marine give priority to. "The carriage that what boat " points to is goods, declare at customs process.

It is chartering is mixed above all calm cabin, it is a carry next, finally is to arrive at destination to declare at customs.

International trade carriage journey is far, time is long, the risk is big, must cast consequently protect.

4. Paragraph

Point to process of the settlement of exchange that make sheet. Settlement of exchange of international trade voucher, main bill has: It is goods receipt of the center with bill, it is carriage receipt of the center and the insurance policy that are a center with insurance policy to occupy with bill of lading. Each cover the content between the receipt to answer conform to, namely " agrees only " , and want as identical as L/C content, namely " only evidence is consistent " . The bank is when settlement of exchange, want to examine the sheet that it is sheet to agree only, only evidence pays consistently namely, and no matter goods is actual circumstance how (one of main characteristics that this is L/C settle accounts) .

(2) handle dispute
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