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Foreign trade contract is main content
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Contract of international goods sale is main content

International goods sells a contract, it is the agreement that certain goods reachs the deal of party both sides that is located in different country, it is the basis that party fulfils conventional obligation severally; Once produce action of break a contact,also be when, undertake remedying, the basis that handles dispute. For this, an effective international goods sells a contract, must have necessary content, it is difficult to can make party is fulfilling the compulsory, generation when undertake break a contact remedies or handling dispute otherwise. Say commonly, contract of international goods sale should include the following the basic content of 7 respects:
One, character clause (Quality Clause)
The character of commodity (Quality Of Goods) be the immanent quality that points to commodity and exterior configuration is integrated. The natural attribute such as former the physical property that includes goods, mechanical function, chemical composition and biologic character; Latter includes the appearance of commodity, colour and lustre, design or diaphaneity to wait.

The basic content of character clause is what to trade the name of an article of commodity, grade, standard, norms, brand or brand.
Represent the means of character
(one) state with objective character states with objective character includes by clinch a deal the real character of commodity and by sample.
1 . See merchandise on hand clinch a deal
Use when buyers and sellers when seeing merchandise on hand clinch a deal, criterion the spatial check that buyer or its agent deposit goods in the bargainor normally sees goods, once reach,trade, the goods that the bargainor should have seen by check of the other side delivers the goods. What want bargainor delivery only is the goods that check has seen, buyer does not get pair of character demur. This kind of practice, multi-purpose mix at consignment, auction exhibit in selling business.

2. Clinch a deal by sample
Sample is to point to normally take out from inside a batch of commodity come or come out by design of production, use branch, treatment, enough report and delegate are whole batch a few objective of commodity character.
In international trade, those who press the person that sample is offerred is different, can divide it is the following kinds:
(1 ) bargainor sample (Seller's Sample)
(2) buyer sample (Buyer's Sample)
(3) quits sample (Counter Sample) , say " affirms sample " again.

(2) show character by instruction card
Alleged show character by instruction card, point to namely will explain with the means such as character, chart, photo clinch a deal the character of commodity. State in this kind character method is medium, but fractionize is following a few kinds:
1 . By norms buying and selling (Sale By Specification)
2. By grade buying and selling (Sale By Grade)
3. By standard buying and selling (Sale By Standard)
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