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Business affairs English writes skill - how to write commercial letter
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How To Write A Business Letter

There Are Many Different Reasons For Writing A Business Letter. However, most Business Letters Follow Some General Guidelines As Described Below.

Become Familiar With Standard Phrases

The Basics Of Good Business Letter Writing Are Easy To Learn. The Following Table Provides Some Of The Phrases That Are Usually Found In Any Standard Business Letter. By Using These Standard Phrases, you Can Give A Professional Tone To Your Business Letter In English. These Phrases Are Used As A Kind Of Frame And Introduction To The Content Of Business Letters.

The Start:

  • Dear Frank(Use If The Person Is A Close Business Contact Or Friend)
  • Dear Sir Or Madam(Use If You Don't Know Who You Are Writing To)
  • Dear Mr, mrs, miss Or Ms(Use If You Know Who You Are Writing To, and Have A Formal Relationship With - VERY IMPORTANT Use Ms For Women Unless Asked To Use Mrs Or Miss)
The Reference:

  • With Reference To Your Advertisement In The Hong Kong Standard, . . .
  • Further To Your Letter Of 23 March, . . .
  • Regarding Our Meeting Last Week, . . .
  • Thank You For Your Letter Of 5 May.
The Reason For Writing:

  • I Am Writing To Enquire About. . . Apologise For. . . Confirm. . .