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Business affairs English writes skill - how to write ask dish
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Making Enquiries

Making Enquiries We Write An Enquiry When We Want To Ask For More Information Concerning A Product, service Or Other Information About A Product Or Service That Interests Us. These Letters Are Often Written In Response To An Advertisement That We Have Seen In The Paper, a Magazine, or A Commercial On Television When We Are Interested In Purchasing A Product, but Would Like More Information Before Making A Decision. Remember To Place Your Or Your Company's Address At The Top Of The Letter (or Use Your Company's Letterhead) Followed By The Address Of The Company You Are Writing To. The Date Can Either Be Placed Double Spaced Down Or To The Right.

Important Language To Remember

The Start: Dear Sir Or Madam

To Whom It May Concern:
The Reference: With Reference To Your Advertisement In. . .
Regarding Your Advertisement In! K
Requesting A Brochure, catalogue, etc. (After The Reference, add A Comma Andcontinue) - With Reference To Your. . . , Would/could You Please Send Me Details Of. . .
Requesting FurtherInformation: I Would Also Like To Know. . .
Could You Tell Me Whether. . .
The Close: Yours Faithfully -(Very Formal As You Donot Know The Person To Whom You Arewriting)

Example is referenced 1
To Whom It May Concern:

With Reference To Your Advertisement In Yesterday's South China Morning Post, could You Please Send Me A Copy Of Your Latest Catalogue?

I Would Also Like To Know If It Is Possible To Make Purchases Online.

Yours Faithfully

Example is referenced 2

Dear Sir Or Madam

Business English Courses

Regarding Your Business English Courses, I Would Appreciate It If You Could Fax Me Details Of Your Upcoming Courses.

Furthermore, could You Fax Me A Subscription Form For The Language Key Magazine?

Yours Faithfully

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