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Business affairs English writes skill - letter is revised (weave with mood)
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Adjustment Letters - Structure, language&Tone


THESE LETTERS Are Written In Reply To A Complaint. This Form OfCorrespondence Is Particularly Challenging Because You Need To Empathise With The Customer While Putting Forward The Position Of Your Company.

The Content, tone And Structure Of An Adjustment Letter Depend On The Following Questions:

Maintaining The Goodwill Of Customers And Clients Is The Main Objective When Writing Adjustment Letters. Therefore, not Only Does Writing Letters Of Adjustment Require Problem Solving Skills, it Also Requires Public Relation Skills.

Subject Heading

When Writing Replies To Letters Of Complaints, the Subject Heading Should Be 'neutral' And Contain No Negative Language Referring To TheComplaint. For Example, when Replying To A Letter Of Complaint About The Impolite Service Of A Member Of Your Staff, your Subject Heading Should Relate To What The Complaint Is About Rather Than The Negative Side Of The Complaint.

Complaint About Staff(Too Negative)
Impolite Service Of Staff (Too Negative)
Complaint (Too Vague)
Attitude Of Staff
Staff Customer Service

In General, follow These Rules:

  1. Avoid The Use Of The Word 'complaint'
  2. Avoid Negative Sounding Language, e.g. Delay, rude, damaged, lack Of. . . . . Etc.
  3. Begin Your Subject Heading With A Noun Or Gerund, not A Verb.

The First Paragraph

This Paragraph Usually Includes:

A) An Acknowledgement That You Have Received The Complaint.

I Refer To Your Letter Of 23 April Regarding The Application Process.
I Am Writing In Reply To Your Letter Of 23 April About The Application Process.

Generally Speaking, you Should Avoid The 'you' Approach. You Should Also Avoid Using Negative Language. If You Write Something Like "about Your Dissatisfaction With Our High Service Charges. . . ", you Are Creating A Negative Tone And Will Find It More Difficult To Convince The Customer That The Charges Are, on The Contrary, reasonable.
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