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Business affairs English writes skill - construction of 4 paragraphs of type
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Organisation And Structure Of Business Letters

MANY BUSINESS LETTERSAre Short And Routine And Don ' T Require Any Special Preparation. Other Letters Require More Careful Thought And Planning. The Four-point Plan On The Right Provides A Simple Framework For Structuring All Business Letters. The Diagram Illustrates The Four Basic Sections Which Will Make Up Your Business Letters.

Below Are Two Sample Business Letters That Follow The Guidelines Given In The Four-point Plan.

Dear Sirs

My Neighbour, mr Jason Lui, has RecentlyRecommended Your Luxury Cruises To Me. He AndHis Wife Have Often Taken A Nautilus Cruise AndSpeak Very Highly About Them.

- Say Why You Are Writing.

My Wife And I Are Thinking Of Celebrating Our 25thWedding Anniversary In August With A SpecialHoliday.

- Give Details.

Please Would You Send Me A Copy Of Your CurrentBrochure Showing The Cost Of Your Cruises TogetherWith Departure Dates.

- Indicate Response Required.

I Look Forward To Hearing From You Soon.

- Polite Close.
Yours Faithfully

Dear Mr Tang

Thank You For Your Letter Of 20 January About Our Cruises. I Am Pleased That You Have Heard Favourable Comments About Our Luxury Cruises.

- Refer To Letter Of Enquiry.

I Enclose Our Catalogue Giving Full Details Of This Year ' S Cruises. Please Refer To Page 49 Which Gives The Departure Dates For Each Cruise.

- Give Details.

As There Is Usually A Heavy Demand For These Cruises, I Suggest That You Book Early, particularly As You Propose To Travel During The Peak Season.

- Response Required.

Please Feel Free To Contact Me And I Will Do My Best To Ensure That Your 25th Wedding Anniversary Is Celebrated In Style.

- Polite Close.

Yours Sincerely

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