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Business affairs English writes skill - mail style (formal / concise / informal)
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Style And Tone In Emails


EMAIL WRITERS Should Try To Adopt A Writing Style Somewhere Between Formal And Informal. We Call This The 'Simple/Direct Style' .

Those Who Write In An Overly Formal Style Are Hanging Onto A Style Of Writing That Has Long Disappeared. They Are Copying A Style From Older Documents Where The Style Of Writing Has Remained Unchanged For Years. This Style Is Not Only Difficult To Write, it Is Often Confusing To The Reader. The Main Ideas Are Often Lost In Long, wordy Sentences, full Of Passive Verbs And Jargon.

At The Other Extreme Are Writers Who Send Emails That Sound Like An Informal Chat Between Two Close Friends. They Choose Aggressive Words, without Tact. They Make Up Words When They Can't Think Of The Correct Words. They Go On And On, without Organising Their Thoughts Into A Logical Order. They Misspell, omit Punctuation, and Write Incomplete Thoughts, leaving Clarity As The Reader's Problem.

Here Are Some Examples To Help You Understand The Differences Between The Various Writing Styles.

It Can Easily Be Seen That When Large Volumes Of Gas Are Metered And When Variations In The Gas Temperatures Become Commonplace, the Resulting Circumstance Is Going To Be A Loss Of Revenue If Corrective Action Is Not Taken.

As Large Volumes Of Gas Are Metered, gas-temperature Variation Will Result In Lost Revenues Unless We Take Corrective Action.

Large Volumes Of METERED Gas-big Problem In About Two Months We're Gonna Lose Our Shirt Unless Somebody Gets Off Their Behinds And Okays Something.

Provided Herewith Is A Report On The Remainder Of The Findings With Regard To Our Market Research. The Contents Should Be Consistent With Your Present Requirements, but If Further Clarification Is Required, please Advise Mike Tang.

I've Attached The Report On Our Market Research. If You Have Questions, please Call Mike Tang.

Info Pulled Together. Questions? BTW, if You Get Hung Up, give Mike Tang A Bell.

The First Step In Creating A Balance Between Overly Formal And Overly Informal Writing Is The Appropriate Word Choice. Use Simple Words (see Below) , not Uncommon Ones Or Inappropriate Slang.
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