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Memos & Emails - Using Standard Language


In Business, memos And Emails Are Mainly Used To:

  • Give Information;
  • Ask For Information;
  • Make Requests;
  • Confirm Details;
  • Remind People Of Events Or Rules;
  • Suggest And Recommend;
  • Give Advice And Warnings.

One Memo Or Email Can Perform A Variety Of Functions So Long As Each Function Relates To The Same Subject.

There Are Standard Expressions For Most Of These Functions, and It Is Useful To Know How And When To Use Them.

As Business Writers, you Will Probably Need To Write Many Memos And Emails Expressing The Above Functions In The Course Of Your Daily Work. Therefore, to Help You Avoid Making Unnecessary Grammatical Errors, we Would Highly Recommend That You Become Very Familiar With A Variety Of Standard Expressions. Your Memos And Emails Will Soon Begin To Sound More Businesslike.

The Key Words In Each Of The Example Sentences On The Right Have Been Highlighted. Also, beside Each Expression Is An Arrow To Indicate The Direction Of Communication Suitable For That Expression:

To Anyone In The Company
To A Superior
To A Subordinate
To A Colleague On The Same Level

Each Expression Has A Particular ' Tone ' And This Should Be Taken Into Consideration Whenever You Write. Being Too Direct To Your Superior, or Being Too Polite To Your Subordinates Can Send The Wrong Signals, so It Is Important To Think About The Direction Of Communication When You Write.


I Would Like To Inform You That The Next Inter-departmental Meeting Will Be Held On 6 July 2002 At 3.00 Pm In The Conference Room.
You Are Informed That Your New Year Bonus Will Be Paid Together With Your Salary For February 2002.
Please Note That Your Name Cards Are Now Ready For Collection.
I Would Just Like To Let You Know That I Will Be On Leave For The Next Two Weeks.
A Meeting To Discuss The New Sales CampaignWas Held. . . . .

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